big brother/hobbit ext scripts to monitor HP eva activity and multipath :

this script was developped to collect the % of use from every disk group 
in your EVAs and generate df like output. 

should work on any unix based hobbit server

this was tested on an AIX hobbit server running hobbit, with hobbit clients. 

requires : 
 sssu (to connect to management appliance)
 sudo (sssu is restricted to root) 
you need to add the big brother/hobbit user to the sudoers file so the sssu command can be launched 
without root password.

this script was developped to collect the states of the multipath from various unix servers 
connected to SAN. 

this script should be installed on the server with an account authorized to connect via ssh public keys 
to the hosts you'd like to get the multipath status.
this script was developped to collect the % of cpu from an eva, using evaperf from HP. 

this is a hobbit client for ipso.
based on the 4.2 hobbit client.
can be installed via a regular ipso package, but as I don't know how to start automatically a program 
at boot, you have to start it manually at each reboot. 

it was tested on a management appliance running bigbrother client. 

those scripts were tested two years ago with a hobbit server (4.0). 
please send comments to pookicat at yahoo dot fr.